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Certified Pandits

Certified pandits are those who have completed a rigorous training program that covers all aspects of Hinduism and its various rituals and customs. This training includes an in-depth study of the sacred scriptures, such as the Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita, as well

Online ePuja

In today's fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find the time to perform traditional Hindu rituals. However, with the advent of technology, performing a puja has become much more accessible and convenient than ever before. Online ePuja is a platform that allows users to perform pujas online from the comfort of their own homes.

Astrology Services

Astrology services offer various types of readings, including natal chart readings, transit readings, and relationship readings. Natal chart readings provide a comprehensive analysis of an individual's birth chart, which includes the position and alignment of all the planets and the zodiac signs at the time of their birth.

Muhurtam Fixing

Find the perfect auspicious Subha Muhurtham for your special events through our professional pandit services.


Experience the authentic and delicious flavors of traditional food prepared by skilled Brahmin chefs for your special events.

Puja Kits

We offer premium Puja Samagri Kits to enhance the auspiciousness of your events, delivered at the best prices.

Featured Pooja’s
Where Rituals Come to Life: Our Featured Poojas

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima​

The Guru is the one who brings you back to yourself.
Sun, 21st-Jul-2024

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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan​

A celebration of the pure, divine bond that connects brothers and sisters.
Mon, 19th-Aug-2024

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Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami​

On this Janmashtami, may Lord Krishna fill your home with joy, love, and peace.
Sat, 7th-Sep-2024

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Find the Pooja / Havan & Book a Pandit
Most Popular Services



Celebrate Special Occasions with Unique Ceremonies and Rituals

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Create Special Moments with Custom Homalu Services

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Experience the Power of Poojalu - Celebrate Life's Special Moments

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Pari Harams

The #1 Online Platform For All Your Pari Harams Needs.

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Vratam & Japalu

Vratam and Japalu

The #1 Online Platform For All Your Pari Harams Needs

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Unlock Your Ancestral Rituals with Our Expert Guidance

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Who we are?

Veda Gayathri is the India's #1st and most trusted online platform for Hindu pooja services such as Vedic Rituals, Religious Ceremonies and Astrology Services. We provide highly qualified and experienced Shastries and Pandits at your doorsteps to perform the pooja. Our services also include online Puja Samagri or Puja Items handpicked by our in-house pooja specialist team.

We cover major rituals like Shanti Vidhi, Shubh Vivah – Wedding Ceremony, Satyanarayana Katha/Vratham, Gruha pravesh/ House warming , Nava Graha Shanti, Namkaran Sanskar or Naming Ceremony, Vangnischaya or Sakharpude or Engagement, Laxmi Puja, Thread Ceremony or Maunji Bandhan, Ramayan Paath, Mundan Sanskar, Ganesh Puja, Annaprashan, Bhagwat katha, Vastu Shanti, Sundarkand Puja etc.

Our Veda Gayathri is a start-up to cater all types of pooja, jaap and yagya seva and many more. Moreover our other services of Astrology, vaastu consultancy and online pooja makes us a complete one stop solution to all the spiritual and religious needs of Hindus all over the world. You can get more knowledge and details on Hindu rituals on this website. So if you are looking for online Pandit or want to have pooja at your place then

Book A Pandit Online For All Poojas

Veda Gayathri serves you exact and customized religious needs with our well experienced pandits. We provide pooja samagri at a very reasonable price with hassle free services. With positive spirit, we’re having 50+ Years of experience in pooja’s, and enfold Qualified (Certified) Vedic Pandits, Brahmins & Members of the Hindu Priestly Caste trained at Vedic Patashala, where Guruji's who chants spiritual verses, mantras, sacred texts, hinduism prayer practices and astrology consulting. Based on Hindu religion, we perform Sashtipoorthi, Nava Chandi Havan, Ayushya Homam, Sudarshana Havan,etc. Book a Pandit online for Pooja Now at Veda Gayathri !

Veda Gayathri is a team of Qualified, Knowledgeable and Experienced Pandits who perform Pooja's as per your community, language and region. All you need to do is to book the service, sit back and relax while we work on ensuring that you get a satisfying and divine Pooja experience. Book-a-pandit at Veda Gayathri for Spiritual, Holy & Divine experiences to perform all Hindu Poojas.

At Veda Gayathri, we have Gurujis, Saints, Acharyas, Vedic Pandits, and Shastris in different Languages according to your traditions and culture such as Hindu (Telugu) Pandits, Sanskrit Scholars and North India Brahmins (Pancha-Gauda Pundits). Moreover, we take care of the entire process like booking, assigning the right Pandit, best Muhurat, Pooja Samagri, Flowers etc.

Book Purohits Offline & Online

How can I book pandit online?

Visit our website Go to the respective pooja page. Fill the form and submit it. You will receive a call from our representatives. And they will connect you with pandit if you have doubts regarding pooja. Talk to pandit and get pooja details Make advance payment to confirm.

Do you accept online payment?

“Yes’ ‘, Veda Gayathri believes in customer’s satisfaction. So, we welcome those who wish to paying us through our Veda Gayathri online portal and payment gateways. User Friendly payments and acknowledges your payments through confirmation messages once the money is received.

Does Veda Gayathri deliver pooja material?

Veda Gayathri is a Bangalore based spiritual firm with an aim to provide all kind of pooja related services. Besides being a provider of pandit, we are also into spiritual business where we sell only pooja related items and materials. We supply sindur, akshat, haldi , god – goddesses idols, pooja thali set, chambu, urli and many more in required quantities and sizes.

Does Veda Gayathri have North Indian Pandit tie ups?

Yes, we do have tie-ups with North Indian pandits as Veda Gayathri spans its services throughout India and we love to help our customers in their own way. Be it a Bengali, Oriya, Bihari or any other language we help you find a suitable and highly versed pandit with your customs and traditions.

Can I postpone our pooja date once booking is done?

Yes, you can postpone or prepone depending upon the pandit availability. But you cannot cancel the pooja once it is booked.

Will your pandit fix muhurat?

Yes, our pandit will fix a muhurat for a nominal fee. Incase if our pandit is performing any pooja, there will be no extra fee charged.

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venkat raveendra Ravivenkat raveendra Ravi
13:51 22 Jun 23
Felt very nice as they have responded so fast and addressed my request. Very professional
thirumal kumarthirumal kumar
10:06 31 May 23
Best pandits for poojas and homam i will suggest veda gayatri
Jagan MohanJagan Mohan
06:18 04 Oct 22
We enquired pandit garu to perform ayudha pooja today, i am do happy, my pooja was successfully done, thank you Veda Gayathri Team
n varan vara
08:58 20 Sep 22
I am from Bangalore. Such kind of pandits i had never seen. They have done Pooja nearly 3hours. My point they the best pandit providers.
Bathula SaiCharithaBathula SaiCharitha
12:00 30 Jun 22
Did virtual homam. They sent me prasadam.It was a good experience. After doing this Pooja, I got what I wanted. Peace of mind and also materialistic things. Looking forward to do more homas with these people. They respond quickly and they are trust worthy. Definitely must try if you are far and can’t attend, they can ship the prasad.