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Best Ayushya Homam in Hyderabad

Best Ayushya Homam in Hyderabad

Ayushya Homam is performed to increase the lifespan of humans and to get rid of health-related and fate-related problems arising in our lives. 

Ayur Devudu is the god of life. Ayushya Homam is a powerful remedy that can be performed by anyone suffering from any illness or physical stress or with a Balarishta Yoga in their birth chart.

This homam is performed by invoking Ayur Devudu and chanting Ayushya Suktham, to increase your health and to live a long life (ayushyamu) by reducing health disorders.

When should Ayushya Homam be performed?

This homam must be performed based on the janma nakshatra of the person who is performing the homam arrives and can be performed on any auspicious day if the person is not well or in critical condition.

Benefits of Ayushya Homam:

Key Insights for Ayushya Homam:

Ayushya Homam FAQ’S

Book Purohit for Ayushya Homam. The purohit himself gets all the necessary items for the homam. We have Purohits who are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

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