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Navagraha Japam

The Navagrahas or the nine planets control each part of human’s life and it has the ability to change an person’s life anytime. This japam is best for disposing of the Graha doshas.

Navagraha Japam is performed by summoning all the Nava Grahas then Mantras of Navagrahas are recited according to the shastras to get the favors all the nine grahas.

When to Perform Navagraha Japam?

At the point when the perso has any graha dosha then this homam ought to be performed. The date can be fixed according to one’s janma nakshatra the yoga and thithi of that date for playing out this japam.

Advantages of Navagraha Japam:

Key Insights for Navagraha Japam:

Navagraha Japam FAQ's

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