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Best Chandi Homam Path| Chandi Yagam Benefits

Best Chandi Homam Path| Chandi Yagam Benefits

he most eminent and effective homam is Chandi Homam. It helps in removing all types of doshas and obstacles in your life. Goddess Durga takes our offerings in the form of Devi Chandi and her blessings are confined to clear all sorts of obstacles and hurdles to fulfill all your desires.Performing Maha Chandi homam unlock all types of Black Magic, Evil Eyes, limitations, poor Energies, Evil deeds towards them and they are blessed with lasting Health, Wealth and Prosperity. 

On your path to achieve all desires, victory over court cases Chandi Homam/Yagam can always support a person. All the other forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped during this Chandi Homam. 

Advantages Of Conducting Chandi Homam:

  1. By doing Chandi homa, the sufferings that are brought by unfriendly components are destroyed. All toxic substances are taken out by playing out this homam. 
  2. Chandi homam is performed to achieve better wellbeing, life span, health, wealth, descendants, notoriety, achievement, quality and so forth, 
  3. Chandi Homam helps in defeating obstructions and boundaries throughout everyday life. 
  4. Causes you achieve desires and prevail upon one’s adversaries. 
  5. Favors one’s existence with inspiration and bliss. 
  6. Frees one from evil deeds and curses

Process and Costs For Chandi Homam:

Chandi Homam being an effective Homam, it must be performed by mastered pandits for handling such intricate and incredible homam . If not done appropriately, the outcomes probably won’t be as desired.

We at Veda Gayathri has master qualified vedic pandits in every state and also in Devi Kshetras,  who can conduct Chandi Homam by chanting Slokas containing 13 parts of Durga Saptashati, along with execution of Homam with different pooja’s which incorporates:

Chandi Homam Process
Ganapathy Pooja
Kanya pooja
Anugna Sankalpam
Kalasa Sthaapana
Saptashati Parayanam
Gho pooja
Suhasini Pooja
Dampathi pooja
Brahmachari pooja
Chandi yagam
Sumangala Dravyaahuti
Maha Deeparadhana
  1. Ganapathy pooja: Worshipping Lord Ganesha addresses all the hurdles and clears path for one’s prosperity. In this way, we can have a propitious start, Lord Ganesha is first conjured with pooja and petitions. 
  2. Kanya pooja: Kanya pooja is a custom of adoring girls (aged 6 – 10), representing as Kanya Kumari type for Goddess Chandi or Durga. This custom is extraordinarily performed to perceive the perfect feminie force vested in a young girl.
  3. Anugna Sankalpam: Seeking the assent of the Goddess to play out the Yagam which is a sacred custom. The ritual determines for whom, where and when the yagna is performed. 
  4. Punyahavachanam: Purifying the brain, body and spot before the Chandi homam is performed. Sacred water is sprinkled with mango leaves around the spot with the reciting of Mantras. 
  5. Kalasa Sthaapana: Kalasa implies a pot. It is made of metal and is loaded up with water and set with Mango leaves drenched in the water. Pooja is performed to this Kalasa conjuring the favors of the goddess Chandi. 
  6. Saptashati Parayanam: Chanting of Durga Saptashati Slokas (700 sanskrit shlokas) while worshipping different types of the Goddess. Bhairava Bhali (offering): After the reciting of Slokas, offering is made to Lord Bhairava (a manifestation of Lord Shiva) to imply the custom. 
  7. Punyahavachanam: Pooja and mantras are recited to cleanse the spot and individuals who are playing out the Homam 
  8. Gho pooja: The Sanskrit word Gho implies Cow. In Hinduism, Cow is viewed as ‘Kamadhenu’, a blessed creature typified with divine characteristics. Pooja and supplications are offered to the bovine before the homam, looking for her gifts for thriving. 
  9. Suhasini Pooja: Offering pooja to an old wedded lady (whose spouse is alive) and performing Pada pooja to that individual (conventional foot washing function) to summon her favors. 
  10. Dampathi pooja: Dampathi implies a couple. Petitions are offered to an older couple with Padha pooja. 
  11. Brahmachari pooja: A Brahmachari is an unmarried man. He is held in high regard in Vedas and Puranas for a few reasons. Padha pooja and petitions are offered to a Brahmachari looking for his favors. 
  12. Chandi yagam: The fire custom is performed with the reciting of Mantras and Slokas. 
  13. Sumangala Dravyaahuti: Auspicious materials, for example, Saree, turmeric, sandalwood powder, kumkum (vermillion) and so forth are offered to the Goddess conjured in the Fire. 
  14. Purnaahuti: Chandi Yagam becomes total just when this custom is performed. Betel leaves, Betel nuts, Coconut, Kumkum (red hued favorable powder), Turmeric, Flowers, Fruits, a coin, a little pack of spices are assembled in a silk fabric and tied. The pack is dropped into the fire looking for the favors of the Almighty.
  15. Maha Deeparadhana: A custom to respect Goddess Chandi. Lights are lit utilizing camphor and are utilized to celebrate the Goddess. It is likewise called Aarthi and is performed during the finish of Chandika homa.

Performing Chandi Homam 

The Chandi homam is a one of a kind conciliatory ritual including amazing Chandi Path or Durga Saptashati mantras. There are 700 mantras, spread across 13 parts of the Markandeya Purana. It is said that presenting the Chandi way will drive away all the negative forces in the pursuer’s life. These sections are separated into three sections. The first part is dedicated to Goddess Durga, second, third, and fourth sections praise the significance of Goddess Mahalakshmi. The rest of the sections are committed to Saraswathi, the Goddess of Learning. 

According to ancient Vedic writings, Chandi Homam is an extreme offering to Goddess Durga which can be remarkably valuable to us for eliminating all types of Obstacles and assisting us to accomplish our objectives in life by clearing all of our issues throughout everyday life. The significance that Rudrabhishekam holds for Lord Shiva, Chandi Homam holds the equivalent for Devi Durga.

Chandi Homam Pooja Samagri List

1) Turmeric powder – 100 grams

14) Dried Half Coconut (Copra) – 4 Nos

2) Kumkum – 1 Packet

15) Atukulu 100 grams

3) Sandalwood Paste /Powder – 1 Packet

16) Deepam

4) Agarbathi – 1 Packet

17) Oil – As required

5) Camphor – 1 Packet

18) Match box

6) Betel Leaves & Nuts – 30+30

19) Cotton wicks

7) Fruits – 12 Bananas and 5 Variety Fruits

20) Vasthram – All Colors 15 numbers

8) Coconuts – 8 nos

21) Panchapatra Udharini

9) Rice – 5 kg

22) Trays 4 nos

10) Sari (for Poorna Ahuti) – 1 nos

23) Small Cups 5 nos

11) Ghee – 500 grams

24) Dress (for Kanya Pooja) – 1 nos

12) Coins (quarters) – 20

25) Kalasams – 4 nos

13) Naivedyam – Devotee’s choice

26) Honey – 1 Small Bottle

27) Flowers – 4 Bunches

Chandi Homam FAQs

When to Perform Chandi Homam | Chandi Yagam?

Navaratri, the nine days during which goddess Chandi is worshipped is the most auspicious time to perform Chandika Homam. Besides these, other days favorable for the Homam include

  • Chitra and Karthigai Pournami (Full Moon in the long periods of Chitra and Karthika),
  • Jyestha Amavasya (New Moon in the period of Jyestha),
  • Ashtami (eighth Moon stage),
  • Navami (ninth Moon stage),
  • Chaturdasi (fourteenth Moon stage),
  • Magha Amavasya (NewMoon in the long stretch of Magha).

It is desirable to perform the Homa during the daytime and ideally complete the customs before dusk.

Who should perform Chandi Homam?

Each of us come across problems or inconveniences in life, despite our best efforts.  When we are not able to tackle such tough situations, we look for some divine intervention. At this point a Chandi Homa is a much favored pooja or homam. What significance Maha Rudrabhishekam holds for LordShiva, Chandi Homam holds for Devi Durga Mata.

Chandi Homam is an exceptional homam, performed to assuage and look for favors of Goddess Durga. One can profit by great wellbeing and cheerful family life by performing this homam. While it can be performed at home, it is ideally performed in kshetras, such as Kollur, Chamundeshwari in Mysore, Saundatti Yellamma, Sigandur Chowdeshwari temple, Sringeri Sharadamba temple and Horanadu Annapurneshwari temples dedicated to goddess Durga.

Can Chandi Homam be done at home?

You can perform Chandi homam at your home.  Chandi Homam is a very powerful pooja and it should be performed with utmost devotion, care and with proper chanting of vedic mantras.  Pureprayer can arrange for qualified Vedic Pandits or priests who are experienced in Chandi Homa.  The pandits can explain the procedures in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi or a language of your choice.

What is Nava Chandi Homam?

Nava Chandi Homam is a very very powerful vedic ritual performed as an individual homam, it is a very powerful vedic ritual performed to nullify and remove any type of hurdles and obstacles in one’s life due to Evil Eye,Black Magic..etc .

What is the cost of performing Chandi Homam?

The cost of performing Chandi Homam ranges from Rs25,000 up to Rs1.5 Lacs, depending on the place, number of priests etc.  Pureprayer can give you complete guidance on this homam with optimal pricing and purohits.

Why is Chandi Path done?

The Chandi Homam path is also called the Durga Mata Saptashati. It comprises the 13 chapters of the Markandeya Purana. If all the 700 sacred verses of the Chandi Path are recited with concentration and utmost devotion, then the reader will gain the energy to overcome all the obstacles in life.

Key Insights for Chandi Homam:

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