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Best Punyahavachanam in Hyderabad

Best Punyahavachanam in Hyderabad is performed on the 11th day after the child birth, this ceremony is performed for purifying the house and the members in the home.

Punyahavachanam in Hyderabad is performed after the 10-day ‘impure’ postnatal period, this usually involves the cleansing the house and purifying it by performing ganapathy puja and kalasha puja and the mantras are chanted to invoke the power in water and the purified water is sprinkled on the babymotherfather and everyone in the house and prokshanam is done in all parts of the house.

When to Perform Punyahavachanam?

This pooja is performed on the 11th day.

Benefits of Punyahavachanam:

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