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Karna Vedha

Karnavedha in Hyderabad

Karnavedha Samskara or Ear Piercing Ceremony is considered as an important ceremony in many Hindu traditions and is one of the 16 samskaras. This ritual is performed for both girls and boys.

Karnavedha or Karna Vedham is one of the Hindu Samskaras performed for a child. In our tradition, a pierced ear shows how cultured is the family. This ceremony is performed for both girls and boys.

The priest chants the holy verses from the scriptures. He whispers the mantras in the ear of the child and prays for the child’s bright future.

When to Perform Karnavedha?

This ceremony is usually performed during the 6th or 7th  month afer the baby is born. It can also be done in the third year, fifth year or 7th year after birth. Date can be fixed as per the child’s janma nakshatra, the yoga and thithi of that date.

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