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Best Nischitartham in Hyderabad

Best Nischitartham in Hyderabad is an important event that takes place prior to marriage where the groom and the bride commits themselves with each other.

 Nischithartham or the Engagement Ceremony is the event done prior to the marriage by exchanging the rings, by performing this ceremony you get a step closer towards your destination of marriage. Best Nischitartham in Hyderabad The engagement rituals have intense significance in forming a special bond between the would-be couple. By doing this they promise each other to perform their responsibility and shower affection through thick and thin of life.

The ceremony starts with Vighneshwara pooja, Maha Sankalpam, Punyaha vachanam, Nischitartham and in the presence of friends and family, the priest writes the “lagna patrika” and reads it out.

When to Perform Nischitartham / Engagement Ceremony ?

This ceremony is performed before the marriage in any auspicious month that confirms with the auspicious alignments of the couple’s horoscope.

Nischitartham / Engagement Ceremony Key Insights :

Nischitartham / Engagement Ceremony FAQ's

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